Dr. Domanskis has been doing XL Breast Enlargements/Augmentations for many years and it is the focus of our practice. We routinely sees patients from not only the US but across the globe. Because of his vast experience, he has been consulting on patients that have, unfortunately, had less than optimal results from either past or present infections, erosions of the implants, asymmetry, ptosis, deflation of their implants or just wanting to go much bigger even after many operations.   Some plastic surgeons are reluctant to place XL sizes or do not want to see patients with XL sizes for treatment. Dr. Domanskis is always available and it is definitely best to treat any problem early rather than wait. We prioritize these patients. 

Also, we have seen a number of patients who have been told that they have had a certain size or volume placed to learn that they have much less than was told, even after seeing reputable plastic surgeons. Dr. Domanskis is always ready to help these challenging cases. We again stress that patients go to a reputable plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Pastic Surgery with extensive experience with XL Breast enlargement!