XL Silicone breast implants

    The outer shell is silicone and the material the shell is made of is silicone. So, they come pre-filled to different volumes which increases by sometimes as little as 20cc. 5cc is one tablespoon just for reference. They also come in different shapes, like a tear-drop implant. These do give some shape to the breast but they have a thicker shell, are textured, have a coating that hopefully keeps them in place. 

      Since they come pre-filled, they require a larger cut to put them in, especially the XL sizes. So, usually the belly button or the armpit cannot used. That leaves through a tummy tuck, around the areola and the inframmamary incision or underneath the breast in the fold or above it. The larger the silicone breast implant, the larger the cut will need to be to put them in place. When I place XL silicone implants, and  especially those over 1000cc, the cut almost always needs to be underneath the breast in the submammary area. These XL sized silicone breast implants are flexible but their dimensions are so big that this is required!  

     The maximum size of silicone breast implants that the four US manufacturers make and that are available in the US is 800cc. There was a "need" program available through the FDA but is not available at this time. Eurosilicone used to manufacture larger silicone gel implants in custom sizes but not for the last several years. Fortunately, I have secured a contract with a reputable silicone breast implant manufacturer that does provide my patients with XL silicone implants(over 800cc). Unfortunately, these cannot be inserted in the US. I do have medical licensure in Europe and in Anguilla in the Caribbean where I do implant these XL sizes. Unfortunately, because they are totally custom(the patient can provide their own desired implant dimensions), they are expensive and they are made only on ordering and paying for them. It does take about two months to manufacture. 

       I also have B-Lite silicone breast implants available. These are about 30% lighter than standard saline or silicone implants. The largest size presently and exclusively available is 920cc very high profile. These are available either in textured or smooth to my patients in Nassau, Bahamas, Europe(Italy) or Anguilla with a order time of about 2-4 weeks. 

         Another implant that is still in development is the "Magic" or "Freedom" implant. This is also lighter and has a unique design that provides uplift but very little volume increase.

          Please continue to check back or email us to be placed on our XL patients list to receive updates.